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Shoals Falls at Walden Creek – Dahlonega, GA.

I know in the episode I said Walden Creek Falls. I tend to screw that stuff up in the moment. It’s Shoals Falls at Walden Creek according to the Google Maps. The Alltrails app calls it the Walden Creek Waterfall Trail. So I decided to combine the two which seems more accurate to me.

Godfrey and I started out about 9:30 am. About a half hour later than I wanted because of traffic on the way. This will teach me to leave the house earlier in the summer months. The weather was cool, in the 70s but it was pretty humid with dew points in the mid 60s. It also rained on us a couple of times but it was fairly light and honestly a welcome event because of the humidity.

The trail is rated easy and rightfully so. It’s also short. But worth it when you get to the falls. It’s a wide trail that looks like it’s more used for ATVs or dirt bikes. There are two waterfalls at the end of this trail. It takes some minor scrambling to get up to one and down to the other. It’s perfect for bringing your dog though. Even my 9 year old Labrador, Godfrey, had no trouble getting up and down to the falls.

I still have issues with the Alltrails app. Navigating a simple trail like this one should have been easy. But twice I couldn’t tell if I was on the right track when coming to a fork in the trail. I wish this app would go back to the old way of navigating. It was much easier to see when to turn right or left. I hate it when I have to turn around after going 50 yards or more in the wrong direction.

This trail is not marked. The first fork in the trail I went left because it looked more like a foot trail. But had to turn around when I realized I was headed in the wrong direction. Then the second fork I went left to look at the creek then returned to the main trail, thinking where I turned was just a side trail. In reality that’s where I was supposed to go and had to back track once again. It’s getting very frustrating navigating with Alltrails.

There is only one space to park on the side of the road across from Lily Drive on Clayton Gooch Road.


Length: 3.55 mi
Avg. Pace: 21:08

Elev. Gain: 591 ft
Calories: 685

Moving Time: 1:14:59
Total Time: 1:35:18

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