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Canada Creek Falls – Suches, GA

It was another beautiful mid-spring day with bright sun and temps in the 60s. Godfrey and I started out the hike around 9:30 am. We were set for what was billed as an easy 4 mile hike that followed a couple creeks with some waterfalls to view… according to Alltrails. This was not correct.

The trail was easy… to a point. Then it was hard to follow. It’s not a well trafficked trail, which is what I prefer, but it is such a light trafficked trail that the trail was hard to pick up in spots. Without the Alltrails app It would be difficult to stay on course.

We ran into a problem about 1.75 miles in. We hit a “Private Property” sign and had to turn back. I walked a little past the sign to see if I could pick up the trail which was supposed to go in a different direction but couldn’t find anything. So I thought it was best to turn around. This is Georgia where property rights are strong and everyone carries a firearm. Not worth the risk!

So we turned back and took a side trail for a while to make up the distance. In the end it was still a nice hike and the waterfalls where worth the scramble down to the creek. If you choose to go on this trail, however, make sure you understand it’s not an easy trail. It’s definitely moderate.

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Length: 4.1 miles
Avg. Pace: 26:16

Elev. Gain: 433 ft
Calories: 983

Moving Time: 1:47:42
Total Time: 1:55:00

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