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Three Forks Trail – Clayton, Georgia

It was an absolute perfect day for a long hike. Godfrey and I ventured a couple hours from home to a trail near Clayton, Georgia. It was a cool morning. The temperature was a little over 50 degrees and maybe hit 60 by the time I was done. This trail is overloaded with giant rhododendrons and baby pine trees. We only camb by two water features. One at the very start, which was calf deep so I had to rock hop across, and the other at the turn around point at Three Forks.

It was well worth the hike. You don’t realize what’s there until you emerge from the forest at Three Forks and see the streams that converge at that point. It had rained in North Georgia the day before and the water was flowing strong. It was really a site to see and a bit noisy. The water was rushing so hard that Godfrey was apprehensive to check things out where normally he’s all in near water. It’s a good thing he was cautious though because there was no way he would be able to enter the water and not get swept away by the current.

There are two trails called Three Forks and they both end up at the same place just on opposite sides of Three Forks. We opted for the north trail which is described as a 6.7 mile hike on Alltrails but turned out to be 7.7 miles according to my stats from the Alltrails app.


Length: 7.7 miles
Avg. Pace: 20:40/mile

Elev. Gain: 1,293 ft
Calories: 1,466

Moving Time: 2:40:39
Total Time: 2:51:04

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