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2023.10.19 Bearden Falls – Dahlonega, Georgia

I was a great fall day for a hike. Temperatures were in the mid 50s with a slightly overcast sky. I picked this trail for the waterfall and while the hike was relatively short it was a lot of fun.

The hike is fairly easy until you get close to the falls. To get to the base of the falls there is a minor scramble (my description for having to climb a steep incline where you need your hands to grip surrounding trees). To get to the mid-level and the top is a more difficult scramble. But doable if you’re reasonably fit and determined. The view from the top of the falls is not spectacular but not a bore either. It was just fund to climb to the top. Beware though, the drop is steep. I was with my usual hiking buddy, my dog Godfrey, and I had to make sure to keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn’t get too close to the edge. For extra security keep your dog on a leash if he/she doesn’t have strong recall when you call them.

The trail is not marked but is well worn. There are downed trees to get around or over and about 5 to 6 (I can’t remember) stream crossings. At the time of my hike it hadn’t rained in the area for a while so the stream was not high. There was no danger of soaking my feet. I suspect even with a good rain the stream won’t be hard to cross.






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