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2022-12-01 Broad River Trail to Farmers Bottom and Back – Toccoa, Georgia

To celebrate my 56th birthday I decided to take a hike! Literally. I headed out a little before 9am with my dog Godfrey. It took a little over an hour to get there.

I started out on the northern end of the trail. The drive to the southern trailhead is about 15 to 20 minutes longer. Plus, the nifty little sign marking the trailhead is in the north.

The marker sign is hidden down a slope from the forest service road. I used the map in Alltrails to find the exact location. It was spot on. I parked my Jeep and Godfrey and I hit the trail.

Portions of the trail are very narrow. 100′ or so up from the river. The trail is sparsely marked but still easy to follow. It’s a little overgrown but worn enough were there was no confusion in following it. The trail was covered in leaves. I had to watch out for slippery moss covered rocks. One good slip and it’s tumble city all the way down the hill. Dogs don’t have this problem. Godfrey chugs right along no matter how narrow or slippery the trail gets.

There are plenty of areas to explore the small river. Godfrey takes advantage of the free water and likes to dig out big rocks or trees. I constantly have to stop him from destroying nature. He’s a menace when he’s not on the move.

It took us about 2 hours to get to the southern end of the trail. We took a break and I removed my top layer because it was starting to get warm. The weather was great. The temp at the start was about 38F. A little colder and I would have needed a jacket and gloves. It was just warm enough where after 20 minutes of hiking I was no longer chilly. Removing that top layer made the return hike more pleasant.

My phone’s battery was drained after the first half and part-way back it warned me it was going into battery saving mode. I plugged it into an external battery but that battery is old and can’t handle the load required to recharge modern cellphones. When a phone is almost depleted it goes into rapid charge mode and if your battery can’t deliver the amps not much happens. Time for a new external battery. The dying battery meant I couldn’t take many pictures or videos on the return hike. Which was a bummer. There were some rolling waterfalls I wanted to visit. I couldn’t waste the time and risk my battery going dead before getting back to my Jeep.

In the end it was a beautiful day and a fantastic hike. I think I’ll go back to this one when I get my phone issues resolved.






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